Friday, October 17, 2014


Barry Finlay's New Novel


How far will a man go when his family is threatened? Mason Seaforth is about to find out. He is a mild mannered accountant living a quiet, idyllic life in the quiet community of Gulfport, Florida with his wife, Samantha. At least, it’s quiet and idyllic until Sami, as she’s known to her friends, vanishes the night of their 20th anniversary.
Mason is thrown into a life that is meant for other people as he and their brash friend, Marcie Kane, try everything to find out what has happened to Sami. A search of Sami’s computer uncovers notes describing a past that Sami has buried for more than 20 years.
Mason and Marcie are thrust into a race against a sadistic killer to discover what has happened to Mason’s wife. He reluctantly exchanges his spreadsheets for a Glock 17 and he and Marcie follow a trail left behind by Sami that leads them deep into a dark world in Canada. Mason is required to make decisions that he could never imagine himself making and each one has deadlier consequences than the last. The wrong one could result in the death of his entire family. 
Release Date November 1, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why I LOVE Indie Books!

What is there not to love?
I have had my e-reader for about two years now, and I cannot now imagine living without it! Before my Kobo (I have a Kobo Arc which is actually an HD tablet so I also have the Kindle 'App' on it as well.) became attached to my wrist, once a week I would hike up to the library and borrow a weeks worth of books. On average, I read about one new book every two days. (The exception being unless I find a new TV series and binge watch a season or two, but I think I am all caught up now.) I do not watch much TV anymore, apart from sports and the hockey season has yet to start. When I picked books out at the library I did not always pick out the best-sellers. Actually, apart from a few authors, I rarely pick up a book simply because it is rated as best-selling. I used to hunt along the shelves and pick out books that looked different and interesting. I would also mix up the genres. A little romance, a mystery, I always love a story about a quirky P.I., a thriller and something with spies and espionage. If I found a book I loved, I would return and check out other books from the same author, a practice I still do. I love variety so depending on my mood, I would settle in bed for the night and crack open a new world. Now, with my e-reader, I have hundreds of books on it and my library grows everyday. With the tap of a finger I can choose, download and read an ebook. I no longer fear running out of books or having to brave a snow storm to refill my book supply. Snow days or rainy afternoons are guilt free times when I can indulge and read a book in one sitting.
Apart from variety, I love the unexpected. No longer am I subjected to the 'tried and true formulas' that traditional publishing houses thrive on as they appeal to the masses. I can now take a chance on a new author simply because I read their book blurb and the story description sounded new and unpredictable! Indie authors have the freedom to publish their books, their way, without having to succumb to possible mandatory changes an editor will insist on in order for it to be published. I have heard from several authors how different their book is and how they are not as happy with the finished product as they were before the pressured changes were made. I can understand why they gave in and went along with it, as someday they may be so popular that they will eventually have a greater say in how their work is presented.
Indie books are the true voice of a writer. They are free to have their words read exactly as they intended. As a reader I am treated to stories that do not always include the obligatory 'X' scene, and they are not always necessary. I can read a book set in a little known country and culture. I can read about relationships that are real and raw and full of emotion. Some of these books are by authors submersed in the not so mainstream society, allowing me a peek at what it is really like to grow-up, live and survive a certain way. Some authors have created a whole new fantasy world that has blown me away!
And the price? Most great quality ebooks sell for about $2.99! And I can buy wearing my favourite jammies while in bed with a bowl of ice cream! I have a large wish list as I have discovered that Indie Authors will often put their books on sale, so I check my list everyday to see if there are any new specials; there usually are! I now have a list of authors that when they release something new, I automatically buy it. There is an option on Amazon that alerts me to new releases from any author.
I would love to list my favourite books and authors here for you, but I fear I will forget one or two and I do not wish to leave an author worth mentioning out. However, I am always on the look-out for the next quirky Private Investigator...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Release - Tawny's Trilogy

Tawny's Trilogy

A three book box set!

The Happy Spinster
The Date
& The Choice!

You may now follow along Tawny's adventures in one volume.

Available at:

Friday, August 1, 2014

NEW RELEASE - The Choice!

The Choice
A 'Happy Spinster Series' Story

Tawny returns in her third book of the popular
 Happy Spinster Series!
While everything was going great with the new partner she met in
'The Date', Tawny faces some challenges as the relationship progresses.
When someone from her past
re-appears in her life, a misunderstanding occurs and they break-up.
Do they work things out and get back together?
Will Tawny take a second chance with a previous lover?
Has she found someone new?
Will she end up single?
Now Available, the answers are revealed in
The Choice

Tawny was introduced in
The Happy Spinster.

She continued her erotic adventures in
The Date.

If you have not read all of these books, now is the perfect time to catch up.
Along with The Barmaid,

All of Karena Marie's books are available on

Barnes & Noble (Nook)
iBooks (Apple)

All ebooks purchased using a free account at SMASHWORDS are able to be downloaded to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and all e-reading devices and 'apps'.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What’s Wrong With Being Indie by Hunter S Jones

I would like to thank author Hunter S Jones for allowing me to re-post the following she originally posted on July 23, 2013.

Hunter is an
*AMAZON # 1 Best Seller - Artistic Erotica, British Poetry, Contemporary Poetry & World Literature
*Best Romance - Finalist, eFestival of Words, July 2014
*Goodreads Book Of The Month - Modern Good Reads, July 2014

Following this post I will provide you with the link to her Amazon #1 Best Seller - September Ends!

What’s Wrong With Being Indie by Hunter S Jones
It seems that every time you read a review of an indie book publication, somewhere you will read it needs to be edited…or…could use correct punctuation…or…I didn’t like the ending.
First of all, when you find a mistake, PLEASE let us know so that it can be corrected, like immediately. When anyone writes, we see what is in our head, not what is on the page. I’ve paid a lot of money for editing. I also have paid a lot of money for books from the major publishing houses with spelling and punctuation mistakes. This is not the sole provenance of indie publishing. Nothing’s perfect. Please let authors know when you find a mistake. It would really help.
Secondly, let’s talk about punctuation. Have you ever considered that many authors misuse punctuation as an expression of their art? Oftentimes, writing is an art form, not an exercise in composition. You can play with fiction. Maybe the punctuation is the way the author wants it-a vital part of their creation. Didn’t Faulkner win a Pulitzer for doing funky stuff with, or without, punctuation? Indie musicians become rock gods because of an early riff or the wrong drum beat. They are considered geniuses for their ‘mistakes’. Why aren’t indie authors who misuse words or punctuation viewed much the same?
Lastly, you don’t like the ending. You don’t like the ending? What’s that all about? Yes, we live in a world where you can choose the ending of some TV shows, but c’mon, we’re talking about books. Since when do you get to choose how a book ends? The ending is chosen by the author. As a matter of fact, the entire book is the author’s concept. Currently, some authors ARE experimenting with allowing fans to choose the ending. You work with us, we’ll work with you. How’s that? Remember, writing is an art form…
Indie music is glamourized and glorified, which is completely understandable. When that indie scene started, the word from the major recording labels was that indie musician’s weren’t good enough to get a record deal. Doesn’t that sound like what is currently going on in the publishing world, only with authors? Now, don’t get me wrong, should a major publisher chose to sign me, I would graciously accept the offer. (I’m not holding my breath.) Until that day dawns, I will, and more importantly, I CAN publish as an indie author.
Wasn’t the American Revolution ignited by an independent writer named Tom Paine? Throughout history, indie writers have taken on many genres, forms and roles. Love us and all our flaws because we have the courage to publish independently. Get with today’s indie publishing revolution because we’re not going away. For those who already support us, thank you. Your dedication and insight mean a great deal.
Next time you read an indie book or story, find reasons to fall in love with it. Does it inspire you? Is it original?
We’re writers. Don’t hate us because we’re imaginative. We’re reclusive. We’re enigmatic. Will you accept our work, or laugh at us? Either way, we wish to share our dreams and visions with you. Join us. Give us a bit of your time. Instead of buying that cup of coffee which will eventually find its way to a landfill, download someone’s book. You won’t regret it, I promise.
So what’s wrong with being indie? Absolutely nothing. Free your mind and enjoy the ride.

Hunter's #1 Best Seller
September Ends
is available on
Follow Hunter S Jones on Twitter @HunterSJones101